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Post-Punk, New Wave, Rock, Blues and Comedy
Squeeze Records, Australia

The Goth Show

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Rock meets new wave and post punk. Dark, sombre and highly charged, with overtones from Joy Division, The Cure, The Sound and Souxsie and the Banshees.  A mix of originals and covers. 

Originals and Covers

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A lively rock and blues mix of Ana Key’s intelligent and poignant original songs from her 5 albums, combined with covers by diva’s such as Chrissie Amphlett from Divynils, Nina Hagen and many others.

Comedy Rock Show

Ana Key Comedy Show.jpg

Rock, blues and comedy creates a unique genre that gets the audience singing along to lyrics they’ve never heard before! Simple yet sensational musical grooves, intelligent and funny lyrics and a performance style that involves audience participation.

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I can’t remember when I’ve had a great night out like last night. You guys rocked. I hope you enjoyed it as much as I did. Also enjoyed singing along with your CD (Future History) in the car today. You’ve got a beautiful and strong voice. You are going from strength to strength - Judith Burfoot 


Thanks to you and all the musicians for a great night. We loved it. So good to be out and dancing again - Kathryn Davies 

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