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Ana Key

Ana Key, lead singer and songwriter, has 5 albums of original music (Itunes). Produced and recorded with sound engineer Stewart Havill, of Dogstar Productions, Davis Jade Sparx, and bass player, producer George Bruno (toured with Peter Allen). She played with the Strumettes (Wollongong), and the Minority Group (Sydney). She has won songwriting awards and penned numerous songs that are driven by strong female personas like Shinead O’Connor and Nina Hagen. Ana's vibrant and energizing stage persona leaves a lasting impression on audiences. 


Ole Nielsen


Ole Nielsen is the guitarist in the band. With a background in the Danish music scene dating back to the eighties punk scene, he supports Ana Key with driving riffs, melodic lead breaks, pumping rhythms and subtle backing vocals. 


Keith Joliffe


Keith Joliffe is the Bass Player in the band. A long time member of the Canberra Blues Society, Keith brings decades of experience and a uniquely original touch to the foundation of the band.


Steve Deakin


Steve Deakin, over 20 years experience as a drummer, is also an excellent backing vocalist. His breathtaking drum rolls and insanely tight beats are the pulsating heart of the group. He's one of the main reasons people want to dance to our music.


Ana Key & the Underdogs Bio

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