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Ana Key & the Underdogs


As a newly formed original Canberra band we have a distinctive style, songs with spunk, (we put the S into punk) and a following. We mix rock, new wave, blues and comedy to create a unique genre. Our songs get the audience singing along to lyrics they’ve never heard before! We engage them with simple yet sensational musical grooves, intelligent and funny lyrics and a performance style that involves audience participation and inclusion. We are an entertaining show, a rock cabaret, a not to be missed cultural experience.

Ana Key & the Underdogs first embarked on their musical voyage of discovery together as a cohesive Rock Band in 2018. But their origin goes back earlier to when the band members work in other projects and a variety of music genres that played an influential role in shaping their paths as musicians and ultimately led them together. As Ana Key & the Underdogs, they have collectively found their signature sound, and offer something different and unique to their fans by creating and sharing original music they are proud to call their own.

Lineup: Keith Joliffe - Bass, Ole Nielsen - guitar, Steve Deakin - Drums, Ana Key vocals


Ana Key has released 5 albums of original music (itunes) and have received awards in songwriting.

What others have said:

"Fabulous band - distinctive style and songs with spunk. From the heart of a woman who sings about love and politics but puts a spotlight on the unmentionables like men doing the housework" 
Joan Garvan – Author


“My favourite band” Dennis Mortimer. Venue Hire The Bunker


“Your band is fantastic” Zelda Smyth. Singer-Songwriter.

Great night! Your rock lead bits were exciting. Vee's singing is better than ever, plus the charisma that counts for a lot in performance. Excellent drumming too and strong bass help define the vibe. The songs are terrific with their originality and lyrics with punchy messages (that don't knock you over the head but are delivered with passion and a sense of fun). You had the crowd on their feet dancing! Barry York

This was amazing. Not only did each song appeal to the audience to the point where they were singing along and dancing to songs they only heard for the first time. Delivering three sets of mostly original material of this calbire is very impressive. Jay Busch, Music Connaisseur.

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Breath – Clubjumpers  2nd Place Best Australian Song. 2015.

Winter – Scala Award. 2002.

Previous albums: ‘F’, No Ordinary Day, Keep Playing, Famous In My Kitchen.

Ana Keys latest music video Media Lies
can be seen at:



•                Gang Gang Café, Canberra 2019

•                Paddo RSL, Sydney 2019

•                The Red Bar, Glebe Sydney 2019

•                The Bunker, Queanbeyan   2019

•                Relay For Life, Bruce Stadium  2019

•                The Goulburn Blues Festival  2019

•                10th Raised Glass Mini Festival 2019

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